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Yeah, we get that a lot! We're not kidding when we say it's time to make your wildest SEO dreams come true.

Do you know what else we get a lot? Business after business that has dabbled in dark SEO practices buying sketchy links, getting no return on their investment, getting the run around with cloudy communication and shotty workmanship.

So, we're different. But how can you know? You can't afford to get stuck paying money without results. Before you move onto other digital marketing channels (which we do too BTW), other channels entirely, OR WORSE quit trying altogether. . . You should know SEO really does work, and there is real work to be done, and your competitors are doing it.

Well for starters, we're providing transparency right upfront. You're not even talking to us yet, and we're giving you trade secrets that would ultimately hurt us if we couldn't own up to what we're saying. Take a look below.

How Do You Know Which SEO Company To Choose?

Good question! And it can be tough. So many SEO solutions and agencies are making some pretty substantial claims. The problem? You get in and get nothing but the run-around and some lackluster reports. We're aware that this is a common pain point because it's a major hurdle for us to be in an industry where so many of our competitors are actually giving this kind of experience. Let's see if we can help illustrate how and why we're different!

This is how you ought to move forward with choosing an SEO company:

  • Is the SEO Company addressing the three major areas of SEO; on-page, off-page and technical?
  • Does the SEO company have a local SEO strategy?
  • What is the SEO Company's retention rate?
  • Does the SEO Company give straightforward answers to your questions?
  • Is the SEO Company making data-driven decisions and breaking them down to understand clearly?
  • Does the SEO Company have a robust list of successful examples for many different industries, verticals, and business models?

This is definitely the "shortlist". Rest assured we'll go over these and other important factors that we believe make us the best and red flag the rest! Be sure to ask about these and any other questions you may have!

Still Not Sure?

Hey, we get it. We also get that tough decisions get easier when they're a no-brainer. Here are some facts.

It's a digital world. SEO is one of the largest digital marketing channels because everyone is on Google (and other search engines) to find what they're looking for. You should definitely continue considering SEO if:

  • Your site has low traffic
  • You can't find yourself on Google
  • Your competitors are passing you up
  • You need more leads
  • Your ROI on paid ads is low
  • You just want to boost the bottom line

Let us give some more transparency.

Like we mentioned above, an SEO company should have considerable knowledge of the three main pillars of SEO and be able to speak to how they will do work in each pillar to impact the optimization site.

On Page SEO

Keyword research, competitor analysis, funnel creation, title tags and meta descriptions, to name a few. Everything that needs to live on page so that it can be understood by humans and bots.

Off Page SEO

Link building, backlink profile analysis, disavow, the list goes on. We target the signals that tell Google about your authority and trustworthiness.

Technical SEO

Site hierarchy, internal and external linking structures, site speed, page cannibalization, status codes, and so much more. We make sure that the site is indexable and is properly optimized and organized to tell which pages are most important.

Ok, so we can talk the talk, but you're still reading so maybe you need some more?

Why Choose SEO Werkz?

Maybe quippy words don't do it for you. How about some facts that we know others really liked!

  • No Contracts
  • Month To Month
  • Free Consulting
  • Transparent Reporting
  • 500+ Partners
  • Fulfill For 50+ Agencies
  • Free Tools
  • Free Education

Results Based SEO

Of Course, What Others Say Speaks Volumes Above What We Can!

Time To Get An SEO Company!

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